Tonne bag of Topsoil & Organic Compost Mix


Kinbarks Organic Compost & Topsoil Mix

Available for delivery anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.

  • 1m3 Bag
  • Prices Vary Depending on Delivery Address as follows :
  • Dublin €90
  • Rest of Leinster €98
  • Rest of Ireland €108


Tonne bag of well screened topsoil mixed with Kinbarks very own Organic Compost. 

Our compost is derived from a special mix of well composted bark and dried poultry manure. It is mainly used as a soil conditioner to enrich poor soil type’s e.g. sandy and waterlogged sites and where gardens have poor subsoil. This specialised mix with Topsoil makes it suitable for instant use as a growing medium

Our Organic Compost is produced at our premises and is one of our leading products with garden lovers nationwide.