Almost thirty years ago Kinbark’s creator Charlie Kinsella started with a blank canvas like any other household owner and has since developed Kinbarks grounds into what can only described as a calming and tranquil setting.
At Kinbark we understand that not everyone is a keen garden or even just haven’t had the chance to learn and appreciate what they can create themselves so we see our business as a way to inspire and educate those on the haven they can create for themselves.

Take a walk through our grounds when you get here and soak in some of the ideas that we show case in our own garden. Don’t just look at a tree 6ft in a pot see what it will aspire to be in 30 years time in a mature garden. Open your mind to what can look good in your own garden.

Kinbark is all about inspiring beauty for our customers, here gardening’s not a career it’s a vocation. Take a walk alongside our river listening to the natural flow of water through a garden.

Some say our downside is that we’re off the main road but we see that here as an advantage. When you sit in our garden it’s not the roar of traffic that you hear it’s the sound of nature from the sound of a breeze through our trees, the screech of our newly resident hawks and the gentle lapping of the water in the stream.

We also have tea/coffee making facilities so there’s also the offer to sit back and soak in your surroundings over a cuppa and a biscuit. It’s the home away from home and all our customers are welcomed to treat it like their own.
So if you’re the keen garden who just loves to find new hideaway or the new land owner looking for some inspiration we have it all here at Kinbark.

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