Love your neighbour… from behind your hedge”

Hedging is a must have in any garden to give you both privacy and shelter. The first piece of advice we give to anyone starting out even before the building of their house is to plant their hedge so it can get a head start and begin to take shake as any hedge planted young can take up to five years to give you the ideal amount of screening and shelter.

At Kinbark we grow hedges of all sizes from 1-2ft up to 6ft plus. We cater for all growing conditions such as seaside planting or other exposed areas.

Some of the main types of hedging are:

  • Buxus Sempervirens – Box Hedging
  • Escallonia
  • Crataegnus Monogyna – Whitethorn (Sceach)
  • Grisellinia Littoralis
  • Prunus Lauroceraus – Cherry Laurel
  • Prunus Lusitanica – Portugese Laurel
  • Fagus Sylvatica – Green Beech
  • Fagus Sylvatica Autropurpurea – Copper Beech
  • Ligustrum Ovalifolium – Green Privet
  • Ligustrum Ovalifolium Aureum – Golden Privet

One of the busiest times for hedging is Bareroot Season but we also stock a wide range of potted hedging for planting all year round.