Kinbark Products produces two types of bark product, bark mulch and bark chips. The raw materials are sourced from local timber saw mills and the production process includes careful screening and grading.


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Bark Mulch
The purpose of bark mulch is to suppress weeds, conserve moisture and add an earthy dark brown colour to shrubberies. It also protects plants from extreme temperatures.
Carefully composted bark mulch does not deplete nitrogen levels in the soil but actually helps the structure of the soil as it breaks down.

Fine Bark Mulch
There’s currently a growing demand for finer bark mulch as a customer preference and so at Kinbark we’ve developed our own Fine Grade Bark Mulch which has proved to be a best seller.

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Purchasing Bark
Bark is sold in a few ways from Kinbark:
Ex Yard
Many customers call to our yard for one scoop(1.5m3) which will fill your average car trailer.
If calling for collection Mon-Fri please ring in advance to confirm someone is available to load. (it’s rare there’s no one available but to avoid disappointed please confirm this on the day.)
Saturday (8:30am-4pm) we are available all day for loading.

Delivery of bark mulch depends on the quantity and location but please contact us and we can quote for any query.
If you are unsure of how much you need simply measure the area in feet and contact us for the quantity you will require.

Bagged Bark Mulch.
Bark is available to purchase at our Nursery in 90Lt bags, which can also be sold to the public on a pallet (45bags) & delivered nationwide using a courier service.

Advantages to Pallet Service

  • Delivered to your door by courier
  • Clean & easily moved especially if access is difficult
  • Can be easily divided with another person
  • Easily stored for use again

Please contact us for prices re pallets delivered nationwide.